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  • Type: Buyout
  • Category: Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) software
  • Year: 2022
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Kitry provides innovative software solutions in the field of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). The software helps companies to monitor and sustain the wellbeing of their employees. As part of its strategy to become a pureplay SaaS vendor, Kitry has developed a user-friendly SaaS-based platform in the growing EHS niche, providing their clients all necessary tools to meet and maintain the ISO 45001-certificate for Occupational Health and Safety. As a result of the growing awareness about the physical and mental wellbeing and safety of employees, Kitry is experiencing strong demand for its innovative solutions, both from local organizations and international companies in, among other countries, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


Kitry works for more than 100 customers including blue chip companies and public institutes, amongst other active in the healthcare, chemicals, financial services, manufacturing and governmental sectors