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MyBit Group - VortexCP
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  • Type: Buyout
  • Category: Custom Software Development
  • Year: 2022
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In March 2022, Marcel Flipse, the founder of MyBit, and Vortex Capital Partners joined forces to establish a stack-agnostic custom software development company. The MyBit Group’s vision is to create high-quality software solutions tailored to the needs of their clients. The MyBit Group provides continuous development using the Agile framework.

The MyBit Group is active in the core of the Dutch private and public sector, developing business-critical custom software for their clients. The MyBit Group specializes in several key verticals, recognizing the unique challenges and demands of each industry, and expanding on required specific competencies and domain knowledge in these industries. These verticals include media, healthcare, education, (semi-)public, and energy.

Since the start, the company has experienced strong growth and completed five add-ons. The MyBit Group is supported by over 200 employees spread across three locations in the Netherlands—Hilversum, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. Additionally, a nearshoring facility in Poland has been established to enhance the Company’s capacity and capabilities.


Add-on acquisitions by MyBit Group: