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hallo, - VortexCP
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  • Type: Buyout
  • Category: B2B, Managed services
  • Year: 2018-2023
  • Status: Realized Investment
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In February 2018, Vortex acquired and merged Tritel and Fieber to create hallo,, an MSP specialized in IT & Telecom solutions for SMEs. In 2023, KLAR Partners, a London-based Private Equity firm, acquired the majority ownership with the aim of expanding hallo, into a leading European MSP.

Key achievements during our holding period

  • Successfully rebranded to ‘hallo,’ making it one of the most recognizable IT managed services providers in the Netherlands
  • Extended the management team with experienced professionals (e.g., new CEO, CFO and legal counsel as well as other key personnel)
  • Strongly focused on developing a healthy and positive employee culture resulting in consistent high employee satisfaction scores
  • Carried out an ambitious buy-and-build plan by acquiring 17 MSPs in the Netherlands
  • Developed and executed a full add-on integration approach to realize full synergy potential and to create one integrated company

As part of the transaction, Vortex rolled its majority ownership in a minority position through a continuation vehicle

Case study

Together with Vortex, we saw an opportunity for the creation of a one-stop shop for mission-critical IT services within the SME segment. This proved to be an extremely successful strategy in the Netherlands, and with our scalable platform, we are looking forward to continuing this journey abroad.

Barry Wissink, CEO hallo,