Active investors combining capital with technical expertise and deep operational experience

Who we are

We are Vortex. A close-knit team with senior executives, business operators, and investment professionals. The team combines many years of m&a experience with deep technical expertise and first-hand experience in leading and growing businesses

Vortex Capital Partners was founded in 2012 by a team of tech entrepreneurs and investment professionals. We partner with management teams to jointly take the business to the next level of sustainable growth. Since its founding, Vortex has invested in 23 companies and realized more than 50 add-on investments. The first realized investments have resulted in strong new partnerships. It has been encouraging to witness that the realized investments have been truly instrumental for the new owners to realize their expansion strategy.

We love to work with inspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious management teams to jointly realize the growth ambition and build an even stronger and more robust company.

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How we work

Our partnership begins with active, strategic involvement while supporting management to prepare for the next phase. The outcome is a strategic growth plan that includes strategic insights as well as the focus areas for the foreseeable time ahead (part of the ‘Vortex Value Creation Program’)

The Vortex team and our strategic partners can support management in six operational areas. IT and technology are in our view important areas to enable efficient growth and strengthen the competitive advantage of the company. With our in-house technical expertise, we can help our companies to align IT and technology with the business strategy, including buy or build decisions, hiring the right people, and advising on roadmaps and IT investments. The other topics can be equally or more important, our team and partners are available to support in these areas to enable or accelerate growth.

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Fund & investment focus

Vortex is a private equity investor focusing on technology-enabled small and medium-sized enterprises. It is backed by (IT) entrepreneurs, family offices, institutional investors, and the Vortex team itself. Vortex currently has over €100m of assets under management.


Out of the current fund we invest in growing companies that use technology as a differentiator. We focus on buyouts with a flexible approach towards majority as well as minority positions, occasionally we provide growth capital in addition to the capital for a buyout.


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Our focus is on small and medium-sized companies that use technology as a differentiator

Type of deals Buyouts (and occasionally growth capital)
Type of company Growing, EBITDA positive, technology as a differentiator
Key sectors Software, marketplaces, and tech-enabled services
Geographic focus Headquartered in the Benelux
Revenue € 4 – 40m
EBITDA € 0 – 5m
Equity tickets € 2 – 15m

The Vortex team

Christina Sarkisjan


Erik Jan van Lubek

Investment manager

Evert Jan de Groot


Joost Moerland


Jorre Bonjer

Operating partner

Agnes Wietrzyk

Investment Manager

Thomas Fleischer

Investment Manager

Dalip Dewan

Operating partner

Jeroen de Vreede


Robert Ernst


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Are you ready to take the next step with your business?

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