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Horizon group - VortexCP
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  • Type: Buyout
  • Category: Marketplace for financial services
  • Year: 2020
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Horizon group

Horizon Group is a network of technology companies that support customers with making the right purchasing decision. The group offers brokerage and distribution services for a broad range of products including mortgage loans, insurances, energy and telecom.  Subsidiaries of Horizon group include:

hypotheek.winkel is the largest independent Belgian mortgage broker with over €1 billion in mediated mortgages in 2019. hypotheek.winkel helps home buyers with the entire process from identifying the most suitable mortgage to getting the mortgage and the required insurances in place. Tailor-made advice is provided through an entrepreneurial franchise network with over 70 locations in Flanders.

Verzekeringen.be/ Assurances.be is the leading online comparison website and digital broker for insurances in Belgium. The website welcomes over 1.5 million visitors per year with 6 million pageviews and 250,000 comparisons

Aanbieders.be/ Mesfournisseurs.be is the go-to online comparison site in Belgium for energy, telecom and internet.


Add-on acquisitions by Horizon Group: