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CircleCI acquires Vortex portfolio company Vamp

Vamp and its shareholders have reached a definitive agreement on the sale of 100% of the shares in Vamp (“Vamp”) to Circle Internet Services, Inc. (“CircleCI”).
Please find below the official press release by Vamp and CircleCI
Amsterdam/ San Francisco – May 11, 2021 – Today, we are thrilled to announce that Vamp is joining CircleCI. Together we will combine continuous integration, continuous deployment, release orchestration and continuous validation, and bring it to the next level. Our unified platform will enable software developers, engineers, DevOps teams, and business stakeholders alike to “shift-right”, and deliver better software even faster and more frequently, with higher confidence, to their users.
How we got here
We started Vamp in 2014. At that time, Kubernetes was only a blip on the horizon, and the first version of Docker was open sourced by Solomon Hykes and his team. It was clear to us that there was a huge opportunity potentially available with adopting these new container and microservice technologies. But we also had experienced first-hand the challenges with the release, lifecycle and scaling that came with “slicing up the monolith into distributed microservices running on the cloud”. For us it was obvious that a high-level orchestration and automation solution that could handle zero-downtime releases (what we now call “progressive delivery”), dynamic SLA-based autoscaling, and a engineer- and business-focused rich UX would be needed to start realizing the potential of these technologies at scale. This is how the “Very Awesome Microservices Platform,” aka VAMP, came to be.
It’s seven years later, and Kubernetes has won the “container wars” as the default abstraction layer. But still, the need for a high-end orchestration platform to handle the end-to-end life cycle of microservices and distributed applications, both from an engineering and a business perspective is as strong as ever. Or maybe even stronger, as more people experience these challenges firsthand.
So it makes perfect sense that continuous integration and delivery, and release orchestration and continuous validation, are two sides of the same end-to-end software delivery pipeline.It was only logical and natural that CircleCI and Vamp kept bumping into each other and having conversations about technical integrations and partnership.
These conversations always felt very friendly and constructive from both sides. We quickly discovered that we have a lot in common, both from a technical and from a strategic vision perspective. Our conversations thus soon started to move in a direction where we were exploring how we could complement each other, build a future-proof platform, and create real synergies for our users. After more people in our teams started meeting and getting to know each other, we all felt strongly that the logical next step was to start realizing our combined vision together by joining forces.

Why CircleCI?

It’s clear that CircleCI is one of the important backbones of the “software is eating the world” movement. Serving leading engineering teams worldwide for almost 10 years, is simply a testament of an amazing vision and strong technology. As avid CircleCI users and fans ourselves, we were (and are still) flabbergasted that such an influential global company — with employees on 4 continents — shares our vision and allows us to get on board their rocketship and together shape the future of cloud-native continuous releasing and validation. For Vamp, joining forces with CircleCI, will enable us to bring our vision onto a global platform and start working with a globally distributed super smart and experienced workforce of 500+ employees all over the world.

What this means for you

At first, nothing. We will keep on running, maintaining and improving our Vamp Cloud and managed Vamp solutions like we always have. At the same time our team will be starting to integrate and work more closely with the CircleCI  team. Together we will be starting the work of integrating Vamp in the CircleCI platform, so existing and new CircleCI users can start enjoying the progressive delivery and continuous validation features that Vamp provides. We will reach out to all our customers to answer any questions, and we will make sure that you will get the most out of this opportunity, during and after the transition period.

What happens next

The current Vamp entity (BV) and entire team will become the new Dutch CircleCI entity. As a team, we will work on integrating Vamp into the CircleCI platform. This new unified platform will provide a full end-to-end experience for developers, engineers, DevOps team, and business stakeholders, with features for continuous integration/deployment, progressive delivery and continuous validation.

A new beginning

We are really excited about this opportunity to start working with the CircleCI organisation, to bring our Vamp vision to a global scale by integrating its powerful features with the already very established CircleCI platform. Realising our shared vision on how to deliver software with higher quality, velocity and frequency is just the beginning of a journey to leverage cloud-native, ML/AI and big data technologies to create more value for both end-users and the organisations servicing them. Onwards and upwards!

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