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Generative AI Waterhole


Amsterdam, June 14, 2023 – It was a pleasure to welcome over 30 leaders from our portfolio to discuss ‘Generative AI’ and existing applications. The event was hosted by Vortex, the speakers shared real life examples from the portfolio companies they represent.


Ivo Jansch, co-founder of Egeniq (part of MyBit Group), discussed the application of generative AI in software development and how a Chat-GPT4-generated applicant tried to land a cloud developer position at Egeniq, but did not make the cut.


Robert van Roon, CTO of Mail to Pay, showcased a tangible use case of predictive AI at Mail to Pay. Since 2017, they use predictive AI in their debt collection workflows, allowing for faster and higher debt collection rates, thereby outperforming traditional credit managers.


Maksim Iudin, AI lead at Studytube, demonstrated how Studytube utilizes Generative AI to provide innovative services that transform the EdTech landscape.


We enjoyed the afternoon with interesting discussions, knowledge sharing and exchanging ideas for the future.

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