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IT integration specialist Enable U partners with Vortex

Enable U is the leading independent IT integration specialist within the Dutch public sector and is seeing a rapidly increasing demand for its integration solutions in other sectors. In addition, it will also continue to expand its services outside the Netherlands.
Frank Arts, CEO of Enable U, sees Vortex and Enable U as a perfect match: “Combining our knowledge, solutions and market position with the experience and financial strength of Vortex enables us to pursue our growth plans with more strength and speed. This partnership allows Enable U to continue as an independent integration specialist, led by the current management and team. Enable U provides a ‘best in class’ solution to a generic problem: how to securely integrate different IT systems with automated processes and data flows”. Kees Neven, CSO of Enable U: “The partnership with Vortex will allow Enable U to further increase its impact in a growing market.”
Evert Jan de Groot, Partner at Vortex: “The founders and management of Enable U have been successfully growing their company in the attractive integrations market. The relevance of building and maintaining secure integrations is increasing every day. Enable U obtained an impressive and loyal customer base that will benefit from its increasing scale. We are impressed by the professional and experienced team of Enable U. We are looking forward to working with the Enable U team to realize our shared ambitions.”
About Enable U
Enable U provides secure connections between IT systems. The company delivers integrations between applications and other information systems ‘as a service’. Enable U provides all the necessary tooling and knowledge for API Management and integration between a wide range of applications and data systems. We enable our customers to take full advantage of the digital age and thus improve services to their customers.
Enable U does this by offering complex and secure information flows between applications and other information systems ‘as a service’. In addition, Enable U provides its customers with all the necessary tooling and knowledge required for the realization of secure links and the management of APIs. By standardizing complex integrations with a generic approach, architecture and delivery, Enable U can deliver scalable solutions. These solutions have a shorter turnaround time, cost less, and entail a lower risk. Through further standardization in combination with a rapidly growing need in the market, we expect to be able to improve efficiency in the coming years as well as play a relevant role internationally.

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