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Studytube receives investment from Vortex

In recent years we have seen a strong development. What started out as the easiest way for law students to pass exams, has now become an Employee Development Platform focused on the total development of employees in the business world. Despite the fact that the product has changed significantly, our ambition has remained unchanged: making learning easy and personal. And we are far from finished. The recent investment will enable us to realise our ambitions even further.

Making learning easy

With the new investment we can further develop the platform. “The world is changing fast and organizations have trouble keeping up,” says Homam Karimi, CEO and co-founder of Studytube. “To ensure the future resilience of organizations, developing employee skills is more important than ever. This trend means that the way in which learning is shaped within organizations is in need of change. The learning offer is often fragmented and does not fit in with how modern professionals learn. They long for one clear learning environment in which they have control over how, when and often what they learn. That is exactly what Studytube makes possible”.

Appropriate learning offerings increasingly complex

With the continuous need for new knowledge and the emergence of new forms of learning such as online, micro and blended training, offering a suitable learning offer is becoming increasingly flexible but also more complex. In the form of the Employee Development Platform, we offer a single place for offering, managing and monitoring all learning within an organisation. “It is precisely the integration of all these elements in one platform that makes us unique,” says Homam.

Own selection of 25,000 training courses

With Studytube, organizations make their own selection from a wide range of 25,000 micro, online, blended and classroom training courses. With the help of the authoring tool they can expand this offer with company specific trainings. The Learning Management System helps organisations to steer and follow the learning activities of their employees. Key features of the LMS include a standard procurement process for classroom training, an automatic approval flow for new training requests and reports to provide insight into the return on learning. “Our solution is user-friendly and leads to savings in both costs and time.

Started in student room

In 2010 Studytube was founded in Homam’s student room, when he studied at Maastricht University together with co-founder Gerhard Riphagen. The startup was initially set up as an online study coach for law and economics students, but soon grew into a ‘Netflix for business training’. We now have more than 40 employees and over 200,000 users. More than a hundred organisations have already joined Studytube, including Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Manpower Group, BMC, Crédit Agricole and Zorg en Zekerheid.

Millions of investments for further development

The €2 million in growth capital comes from the Amsterdam-based Vortex Capital Partners and investment company henQ. henQ also invested in the Studytube in 2013. “With its technology-driven solution and its own content, Studytube has proven to be able to facilitate the learning needs of its employees in a cost-efficient way for organisations, which is crucial in a knowledge-driven economy”, says Joost Moerland of Vortex Capital Partners. “We are proud to be able to support the talented team of Studytube in further scaling up the company together with henQ”.

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